What is WordPress? WordPress is a full-featured content management system, open source website/blog creation tool written in PHP.
It’s the most powerful and easiest blog management or website management tool in existence today plus its completely FREE!

Is WordPress really FREE?
Not exactly, WordPress is an open source software which means you can freely use, modify, build upon and redistribute the software in any way but there are some costs involved to use it.
What are the costs involved to use WordPress?
it totally depends on you. How you wish to use WordPress. WordPress can be used to create a simple blog or a full featured membership websites. Still, you need to purchase a domain and hosting ($3.95 a month) in order to get a website or a blog online.
for more details on the cost of owning a blog or website check out this post.

Who Uses WordPress?
WordPress is powering around 28% of websites with the market share of 59%. This includes Fortune 500 companies like Samsung and Coca-Cola. Celebrities like jay-z and Russel brand. News outlet like New York Times and CNN. Famous Blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch and much more.

If you are more curious to know more about well-known people or companies that are using WordPress, head on over to WordPress site showcase.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Here are few of the benefits of using WordPress.

1. It’s free. Nothing can be compared with free. Apart from WordPress being free, there are around 4600+ themes and more than 50000 plugins which are completely free to use.

2. It’s easy to use. If you can open and manage your facebook account then you are skilled enough to manage a WordPress website. You can easily add, edit or delete a page or post without messing with the overall design of your website or blog.

3. Search Engine Advantage. For any website or blog, search engine’s traffic is most important and search engine loves website or blog which is regularly updated and easy to index (WordPress is).
With WordPress, it’s easy to add or edit your content.

4. Freedom. Yes, WordPress gives you all the freedom available online you can easily change the design (with the help of theme) add any new functionality (with the help of plugins) anytime and anywhere. moreover, you don’t have to pay any developer to do all this. You can do all this of your own unless and until you don’t require any custom development.

5. Community. Yes, there is a huge support community of WordPress who are always ready to help. Whether it’s regarding a plugin or theme or even hosting you will not find yourself alone there will be someone to help you.

6. Plugins. The most powerful feature of WordPress is to add any functionality on your site with the help of a plugin. No matter what you want to do, chances are pretty high that there’s a plugin to do it.

What are Themes and Plugins?

Plugins are bits of software that are capable of changing nearly every aspect of WordPress.
Plugins are generally used to expand the functionality of WordPress.
for example, if you need a contact form on your website then you can simply install this cool contact form plugin.
Themes are responsible for changing the look and feel of your website. Themes provide you with the ability to change the overall design of your website. Theme provide you options to change the page layout, colors, fonts, blog post layout and much more.

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